App 'Beat-it' for patients with health issues - draft design

Cover Singer-songwriter

Logo design Yvonne Mak website & brand development

Campaign for Bodaboda on Queensday (Dutch National holiday)
Wheel of fortune, the winner gets a Bodaboda for on the back or their bicycle

Bodaboda various campaign illustrations

Bodaboda guerrilla campaign:
We stopped and fined the Amsterdam cyclists who carried a friend on the back of their bicycle without a soft cushion to support their friends delicate bomb.

My thesis 'Mijn brein begint te dwalen, het krijgt honger' - translation 'My brain starts to wander, it's getting hungry' (2015, Bachelor Fine Art and Design in Education). About how to get the digital generation engaged with art in a museum.


No one hates the download bars on your computer that shows you how long you have to wait until you get what you want. The digital generation had no patience to wait. Instead of page numbers I used the download bars to show how far you are in reading my thesis.